Goals can be achieved by players during their gaming experience to gain a wide variety of rewards. All available goals can be reviewed in the fifth chapter of Flutterpedia, as well as the progress and rewards of each one.

Each page shows ten goals, whether you've earned them or not. A bright green checkmark Goal Icon§Achieved and a medal will show that you've completed that goal, otherwise you will see a progress bar and a greyed out medal.

Goal Icon§GoalNotAchievedMedal

The rewarded Medals represent the stages of goals, therefore it's not possible to achieve a stage 2 goal, which would reward a silver medal, without completing the first stage with a bronze medal.

Goals can reward players with attraction Attraction Flowers, Icon§Toad TreatToad Treats, Glowbucks Icon§Glowbuck, Coins and Building Resources (like Icon§Storage SapSap, Icon§Storage TwigTwigs and Icon§Storage LeafLeaves). Each goal can be completed only once, and some of them require players to spend Glowbucks or be connected to the social networks.

There are currently 113 goals available.

List of goals

Goal Description Reward
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Barkbug Hunter Find the barkbug 10 Times
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Speedy Egg Hurry an egg
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Merge Maestro Fuse 20 moths
20 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Self Help Check the 'Help' section in the settings menu
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Big Picture Zoom fully out
15 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Fine Detail Zoom fully in
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Newborn Hatch 15 caterpillars
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Speedy Caterpillar Hurry a caterpillar
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Speedy Pupa Hurry a pupa
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Moth Spy Look at the detail page of 10 moths
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Lepidopterist Flutterpedia score over 500
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Frequent Flyer Play 2 days in a row
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Leafbug Hunter Find the leafbug 25 Times
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Storage Store a moth
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Speedy Flower Hurry a pollen flower
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Growing Up Upgrade 2 pollen flowers
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Level Up Level up moths 5 times
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Shift Worker Set 20 flower shifts
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Migration Master Fly your moths 100 yards
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Newborn II Hatch 25 caterpillars
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Salad Savant Feed your caterpillars 100 times
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Petal Power Attract 20 common eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Buzz Kill Feed the toad 25 times
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Petal Pursuit Catch 5 floating petals
Icon§Toad Treat Toad Treat
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Frequent Flyer II Play 5 days in a row
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Collector Complete your first set
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Animal Attraction Use 3 100% flowers to attract an egg
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Super Power Max level up a moth
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Big Spender Spend 25,000 coins
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Small Scale Attract 20 small eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Barkbug Hunter II Find the barkbug 50 Times
60 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Medium Scale Attract 10 medium eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Leafbug Hunter II Find the leafbug 100 Times
60 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Seed Sequester Collect 50 floating seeds
1 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Uncommonly Good Attract 10 uncommon eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Serendipity Use 3 non-100% flowers successfully
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Perfection Create 5 100% flowers by fusion
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Merge Maestro II Fuse 50 moths
2 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Level up II Level up moths 25 times
90 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Ta-da! I Fuse flowers 50 times
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Perfection II Create 10 100% flowers by fusion
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Migration Master II Fly your moths 500 yards
3 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Bronze Expansion Expert Expand Forest 10 Times
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Rare Talent Attract 5 rare eggs
1 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Big Spender II Spend 250,000 coins
5 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Long-Haul Set a 20 hour shift
2 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Super Power II Max level up 5 moths
5 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Hayfever Collect 1,000 pollen
500 Icon§CC
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Lepidopterist II Flutterpedia score over 1000
5 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Newborn III Hatch 100 caterpillars
10 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Large Scale Attract 5 large eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Petal Pursuit II Catch 20 floating petals
3 Icon§Glowbuck
Egg-citing I Use moths to lay 10 eggs
Icon§Storage Leaf
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Shift Worker II Set 250 Flower shifts
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Small Scale II Attract 50 small eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Barkbug Hunter III Find the Barkbug 200 Times
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Big Spender III Spend 1,000,000 coins
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Petal Power II Attract 50 common eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Silver Salad Savant II Feed your caterpillars 500 times
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Ta-da! II Fuse flowers 500 times
Leafbug Hunter III Find the leafbug 400 Times
5 Icon§Glowbuck
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Medium Scale II Attract 50 medium eggs
Goal Icon§Medal Gold Hayfever II Collect 2,500 pollen