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The Lunar set of moths is unlocked once a player reaches a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 600. Lunar flowers can be obtained by feeding Trevor and the Bee Fly and by completing missions.

Lunar Set§Reward
Lunar Set§Reward2
For hatching and raising every moth of the Lunar set to adult at least once, you'll be rewarded with the Moonflower Decoration
. For perfecting it, you'll get the Deluxe Moonflower Decoration


  • Each moth from the Lunar set can only be attracted under certain conditions determined by the current phase of the moon. Only one species of the set can be attracted per phase. The species attracted by each phase are as follows: Io Moth (New Moon, 24 hours ONLY), Olive Crescent (Crescent Moon), Pink Star Moth (Half Moon), Spanish Moon Moth (Gibbous Moon), Luna Moth (Full Moon, 24 hours ONLY).
  • The selling value of the Lunar's attraction flowers decreased by 30% with Update V. 1.14.
Lunar Moths & Moon Phases
  • New Moon - Io Moth
  • Half Moon - Pink Star Moth
  • Gibbous Moon - Spanish Moon Moth
  • Full Moon - Luna Moth