Missions are attributed by Michelle the owl. Tap her to hear how one of your moths could help the forest. Pay special consideration to the words in CAPITALS in the mission's description, as these will guide you to select the right moth.

Each mission has a difficulty rating, which tells you at what level a moth will be assured success. Choose a moth whose level is as high as the number of difficulty stars (e.g. Level 5 moth for a 5 star mission) to ensure you'll pass the mission. Lower level moths can go on these missions, but have a significantly lower chance of success. If they fail a mission, it's alright; your moth will be returned after the duration of the mission and you can try again.

As an added niceness, if you don't have the moth to qualify for a mission, or the moth is in storage, that mission won't come up! So don't worry about not having the right moth.

Once you've decided which moth would be a good fit, guide it to the landing pad next to the owl (the leaf to the right), by selecting the moth and dragging it to the area. Michelle will then let you know whether that moth will be a good fit or not.

  • If the moth has enough levels, Michelle will say: "Perfect!"
  • If it doesn't, she will say: "Er, I suppose you could send that guy out?…"
  • If it's the wrong moth altogether, she will say: "A very pretty moth and all, but not who I'm looking for right now"

If you're right, tap on the owl again and you'll get the option to "Begin" the mission (action icon will appear). A clock below the owl shows the time remaining in the mission.

You can click the Missions action button below Michelle to see the Mission pages in your Flutterpedia. Each page shows 10 missions. You can select an alternative mission from the Flutterpedia, but there is a Flutterbuck cost. You can see this by clicking on the desired mission, or looking in the list given below. If you can complete all 10 missions (by doing each mission 5 times, this does not have to be consecutive), then you will unlock a decoration for your forest!

List of Missions

Please note that missions which mention scientific names or moths' qualities require you to unlock said information first! Even if you do have the correct moth, but don't know its corresponding scientific name or description, whichever is needed for the mission, Michelle wouldn't offer this particular mission to you.

Name Time ★★★★★ Reward Switch Requirements Mission Text Return Text
1 No español 30 min Polilla 20% flower Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Polilla Moth I've got a question about South America that a POLILLA moth should be able to help with. Might need to polish up on my Spanish a bit. Didn't understand a word of that!
2 East Asian Studies 30 min ☆☆ Hoshi 20% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Hoshi Moth I need a moth from the far east. I'm sure a HOSHI set species would fit the bill. Arigatou gozaimasu.
3 Common People 1 h Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any common Moth COMMON or not, I still like simple wing patterns. They're elegant. Don't let those gaudy patterns of the rare moths get you down little thing.
4 Inferno 1 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 1 Fiery Campylotes Fire on the horizon! Could a FIERY CAMPYLOTES go and check it out for us? Phew, it was just a controlled fire, we're safe... for now.
5 Playtime 4 h Silva 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Yellow Furry-legs I can't stand how cute the YELLOW FURRY LEGS is. Let's play. Well that was just adorable. I hear their caterpillars are even more fluffy and plump.
6 Masquerade 4 h ☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Rosey-crown Satin Dress up party time. Would a ROSEY-CROWN SATIN have a sufficiently regal appeal? That cute little crown blew every other costume out of the water.
7 Branch Blending 4 h ☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Glowbuck 4 Mottled Opal Moth Time for a stealth mission! Could a MOTTLED OPAL MOTH blend into a mossy branch for me? Good thing you came back. I never would have found you blended into the tree like that.
8 Warning 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Chausiku 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Scarlet Phaudid Could I use bright red wings of the SCARLET PHAUDID to send out a warning? That'll keep all the creeps away, nice work!
9 Secret Stash 8 h ☆☆☆ Rare 50% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any small Moth Could a SMALL moth sneak into a hidey hole for me? Well Aha! So that's where Trevor has been keeping his secret treats.
10 Twilight Magic 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Zodiac 10% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Four o'clock Moth Which moth might be drawn out by the LATE AFTERNOON SUN I wonder? The FOUR O'CLOCK MOTH is an early riser as far as these night owls are concerned.
11 Ancient Ruins 30 min Frog Treat Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Silva moth Do you think a SILVA moth could help scout an old world ruin for me? Seems the ancient greeks held butterflies in high spiritual esteem.
12 Hover 30 min ☆☆ Uncommon 10% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Hawkmoth moth I'd love to study the rapid flight of a HAWKMOTH. Wow those Hawkmoths almost look like hummingbirds when they hover.
13 Sleep Tight 1 h Small 10% Icon§Glowbuck 2 Any uncommon moth Could an UNCOMMON moth help with some dream catcher repairs? Got to keep that thing in working order!
14 Mid-Size Messenger 4 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any medium moth Got an errand to run. I reckon any MEDIUM moth would be up to the task. What did you say you saw out there? A monkey was doing what? Scandalous!
15 Soothing Sapphire 4 h Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Glowbuck 4 Ruby Tiger I'm guessing a RUBY TIGER would be the right species to hunt down a healing stone for us? Usually I don't buy into this healing stone stuff, but my neck is killing me lately, so I'll try anything.
16 Shadowy Gaze 4 h ☆☆ Estrella 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Tau Emperor Are those eyes of predators in the trees? Or just the FALSE EYES of a certain moth? I saw you! Couldn't fool me. Still, those other eyes are looking at me funny.
17 Ball of Fluff 4 h ☆☆☆ Hawkmoth 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Garden Tiger Moth The BLACK WOOLY BEAR caterpillar is absolutely the cutest thing. Could its moth go find more? What we still have to raise them from an egg? Aw okay, let's do it! More cute things!
18 Intense Training 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Epic 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Coffee Clearwing I hear a COFFEE CLEARWING would be a great self defense trainer Wow that side-step move is impressive. Watch out predators!
19 Sippy Straw 8 h ☆☆☆ Epic 20% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Sweet Potato Hornworm Do any of our moths have an EXTRA LONG PROBOSCIS That proboscis must be super handy for scooping up every last tasty bit of nectar.
20 Large Fortune 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Zodiac 10% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any large moth It's time! We should only trust this mission to a powerful LARGE moth We did it! Oh I'm so excited, we just HAVE to attract that Zodiac moth soon.
21 Star Gazer 30 min Polilla 20% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Chausiku moth Would an African CHAUSIKU moth be able to soar into the sky and study some star patterns? Incredible data. I'll integrate this into our understanding of the Zodiac set
22 Torrent 30 min ☆☆ Hoshi 20% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Estrella moth I think an ESTRELLA moth would be a perfect fit for studying a legend of the amazon river. Wow so that story of the shapeshifting river dolphin? Weird.
23 Enviable Green 1 h Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Glowbuck 1 Stoll's Rosema Shall we check out the awesome green of a STOLL'S ROSEMA? I offered him a snack when he got back, but apparently they don't eat. Ever!
24 Tummy Ache 8 h ☆☆☆ Medium 50% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any large moth Trevor ate something bad. Could a LARGE moth carry back some Chuchuhuasi root for him to chew? Looks like that did the trick, he's back to his normal gluttonous self. Sigh.
25 El Tunchi 4 h Silva 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Phileta Tiger Moth I'd like to know more about this spirit, but maybe a CARYATIS PHILETA could go investigate?" You say he's a defender of the natural environment? He can't be that bad then can he?
26 Monkeying Around 4 h ☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Veined Monkey Surely a VEINED MONKEY would be the right one to have a chat with the chimps? What a cheery bunch of chimpanzees! Still they can just stay in that tree over there.
27 Little Stylist 4 h ☆☆☆ Leaf Icon§Storage Leaf Icon§Glowbuck 4 Pink Dalcera Oh the cute little PINK DALCERA would be the perfect helper for a friends decorating? Hey let's help her out a little, but not TOO much okay? We still need the prettiest grove.
28 Not So Tasty 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Chausiku 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Anomalous Bluetail The ANOMALOUS BLUETAIL is poisonous to birds, so should be able to go investigate them safely. Awesome, those birds heeded the warning of those bright wings.
29 Defensive Diversion 1 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 4 Staudinger's Longtail I need a LONGTAIL moth with striking RED and BLACK wings for a crucial mission. Nice work! That long tail is a great defensive mechanism on long journeys.
30 Zodiac Diva 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Zodiac 10% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Diva Moth We'll need the confidence of a PERFECT HEMEROPHILA DIVA to pull this one off! Alakazam! Another precious Zodiac flower! Now, which sign is in the sky for is to attract for?
31 Cyclical 30 min Frog Treat Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any Lunar moth Could a LUNAR moth help me with some observations of the moon cycle? Seems the moon is only truly full for a fraction of a second.
32 Third Eye Trouble 30 min ☆☆ Uncommon 10% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Zodiac moth Agh! One of our astrological friends is in trouble! Only a ZODIAC moth will do! Phew that was a close one, my friend almost ran out of tarot cards!
33 Forest Yeti 1 h Small 10% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any epic moth I keep hearing tales of this lumbering Mapinguari creature. Could an EPIC moth go investigate? No sign is good news, they're supposedly even more aggressive than a Sasquatch. Eek.
34 Flying Fortress 1 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any large moth I have some special intel that can only be entrusted to a LARGE moth. Those massive moths sure know how to defend themselves!
35 Gossip 4 h Sap Icon§Storage Sap Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any rare moth I've got a juicy rumor. Could a RARE moth help spread it to the local tribe elders? Hehe those old girls will fall for anything.
36 The Martian 4 h ☆☆ Estrella 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Pink Star Moth Could a PINK STAR MOTH study the position of Mars for me? Mars almost looks like a pink star itself tonight. Neat!
37 Snug as a Bug 4 h ☆☆☆ Hawkmoth 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Spanish Moon Moth I hear the SPANISH MOON MOTH would be good at helping with some silk weaving Wonderful handywork. I hear their silk cocoons can keep them warm all winter.
38 La Sachamama 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Epic 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Io Moth The spirit mother of the jungle is calling us. Would an IO moth be brave enough to seek an audience? So she was a boa constrictor so large shes stuck in one spot? What a magnificent creature.
39 Sunbittern 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Large 20% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any Zodiac moth A 'friend' of mine is looking to cast a love spell. Could a ZODIAC moth help find the la tanrrilla You need to peer through the hollow of the birds bone for the spell to work!? Gross!
40 Lunar Light 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Zodiac 10% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any rare moth Only the most spectacularly RARE of our moths could be trusted to this celestial study. What a magnificent pattern to see in flight, truly a marvel of the rainforest.
41 Bedtime Beak 30 min Frog Treat Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Polilla moth Oh a sleeping Toucan! Could a POLILLA moth help me study it? How cute, that Toucan is tucking its huge beak under its feathers to keep warm while it sleeps.
42 Tamashi 30 min ☆☆ Twig Icon§Storage Twig Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Hoshi moth I'm sure a HOSHI moth could help me learn about a Japanese butterfly myth. Oh how interesting, the Japanese believe butterflies and moths to be a symbol of the soul.
43 Glass Frog 1 h Small 10% Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Silva moth Woah I have to see this frog! Could a SILVA moth help me find one? What a curious creation, totally transparent skin. I can see all it's insides!
44 Hawk v. Hummer 1 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 1 Any Hawkmoth moth Only the hovering flight of a HAWKMOTH could match the movement of a hummingbird. Woah those hummingbirds are so fast! But our awesome Hawkmoths can keep up.
45 Nightshift 4 h Uncommon 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any small moth How about a SMALL moth helps me study the movement of leafcutter ants at night? Wow those leaf cutter ants work even harder at night. What troopers.
46 Pick Me Up 4 h ☆☆ Icon§Glowbuck 1 Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any Medium moth Could a MEDIUM moth help scout out a new coffee plantation the locals are setting up? I love the smell of coffee, but can't drink it myself, keeps me up all night. Haha!
47 Something in the Dark 4 h ☆☆☆ Silva 20% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any Large moth Eek! What was that!? Could a LARGE moth help me scare the nasty thing away? Phew thanks, I'm really not cut out for this.
48 Snack Time 4 h ☆☆☆☆ Large 10% Icon§Glowbuck 4 Any common moth Oh that nut looks delicious, could a COMMON moth go fetch it for me? Woah that's not a tasty treat, it's the head of a Peanut Head bug. Sorry little fella.
49 Lookout 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Rare 20% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any uncommon moth Could an UNCOMMON moth go keep lookout for me up in the emergent layer of the forest? You really went up high! I didn't realize the emergent layer was 200ft up!
50 Semi-superstitious 8 h ☆☆☆☆☆ Zodiac 10% Icon§Glowbuck 8 Any rare moth Argh! My dream catcher is missing a feather. Could a RARE moth go find a new one for me? I know it's not going to ward of spirits or anything. It's just like Pascal's Wager. Hedging my bets!

Missions Strategies

Once you have attracted all of the core moths and perfected all of the missions, you might want to focus on the more profitable ones. As Michelle doesn't give missions for the moths hidden in the storage, you can manipulate this to increase chances of getting the missions with valuable reward.

Here's some tips on how to do it!

Rewards for missions for each moth
  • Mottled Opal Moth: Polilla 20% flower, Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat (for Polilla); Small 10%, Rare 20% (for uncommon); 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck (for medium).
  • Stoll's Rosema: Polilla 20% flower, Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat (for Polilla); Small 10%, Rare 20% flowers (for uncommon}; Rare 50% flower (for small).
  • Ruby Tiger: Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat, Small 10% flower (for Silva); Large 10%, Twig Icon§Storage Twig (for common); Rare 50% flower (for small).
  • Pink Dalcera: Hoshi 20% flower (for Estrella); Large 10%, Twig Icon§Storage Twig (for common); Rare 50% flower (for small).
  • Staudinger's Longtail: Hoshi 20% flower (for Estrella); Small 10%, Rare 20% (for uncommon); 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck (for medium).
  • Fiery Campylotes: Polilla 20% flower flower and Twig Icon§Storage Twig (for Hoshi); Small 10%, Rare 20% (for uncommon); Rare 50% flower (for small).
  • You might want to leave one of the Hawkmoth moths in the forest, namely Elephant Hawkmoth. It'll give you a chance on three missions with 1 Icon§Glowbuck reward (two for Medium size and one for Hawkmoth set), and also three for Rare rarity (with Sap Icon§Storage Sap and two Zodiac flower rewards).
    • However, it'll also make one mission with Uncommon 10% flower reward available.
  • Moths from core sets except aforementioned ones generally don't have valuable mission rewards. See the table below for more info.
Rewards for core sets
  • Polilla missions have Polilla 20% flower and Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat as rewards.
  • Hoshi missions have Polilla 20% flower flower and Twig Icon§Storage Twig rewards.
  • Hawkmoth missions have 1 Icon§Glowbuck and Uncommon 10% flower rewards.
  • Marama and Mythic have no tied missions.
  • Silva missions have Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat and Small 10% flower rewards.
  • Estrella mission has Hoshi 20% flower reward.
  • Chausiku mission has Polilla 20% flower reward.
  • Lunar mission has Frog Treat Icon§Toad Treat.
  • Zodiac missions have Uncommon 10% flower and Large 20% flower rewards.
  • In general, it's best to fill out your forest with Common, Rare and Medium moths. You can see rewards for each rarity and size of moths below.
Rewards by sizes and rarities
  • Common: Large 10%, Twig Icon§Storage Twig.
  • Uncommon: Small 10%, Rare 20%.
  • Rare: Sap Icon§Storage Sap, Zodiac 10%, Zodiac 10% flowers.
  • Epic: Small 10% flower.
  • Legendary: no tied missions.
  • Small: Rare 50% flower.
  • Medium: 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck.
  • Large: Silva 20% flower, 1Icon§Glowbuck, Medium 50%, Zodiac 10% flowers.

Just for conclusion, this is one of the best setups for Glowbucks Icon§Glowbuck:

  • Elephant Hawkmoth: 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck, Sap Icon§Storage Sap, Zodiac 10%, Zodiac 10%.
  • Staudinger's Longtail: Hoshi 20%, Small 10%, Rare 20%, 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1 Icon§Glowbuck, 1Icon§Glowbuck.
  • Fill other slots with Medium size and Common/Rare/Legendary rarity Event moths and Medium size Marama and Mythic moths.

Missions Decorations

For completing each of the ten missions from one page at least once, you will get a decoration displayed on the bottom of said page. For perfecting all of the missions on the page by completing each of them 5 times, you will get a deluxe version of the decorations.

Here is the list of decorations together with moths needed for each of the pages:

Any Polilla moth; any Hoshi moth; any common moth; Fiery Campylotes; Yellow Furry-legs; Rosey-crown Satin; Mottled Opal Moth; Scarlet Phaudid; any small moth; Four o'clock Moth.

Any Silva moth; any Hawkmoth moth; any uncommon moth; any medium moth; Ruby Tiger; Tau Emperor; Garden Tiger Moth; Coffee Clearwing; Sweet Potato Hornworm; any large moth.

Any Chausiku moth; any Estrella moth; Stoll's Rosema; any large moth; Phileta Tiger Moth; Veined Monkey; Pink Dalcera; Anomalous Bluetail; Staudinger's Longtail; Diva Moth.

Any Lunar moth; any Zodiac moth; any epic moth; any large moth; any rare moth; Pink Star Moth; Spanish Moon Moth; Io Moth; any Zodiac moth; any rare moth.

Any Polilla moth; any Hoshi moth; any Silva moth; any Hawkmoth moth; any small moth; any medium moth; any large moth; any common moth; any uncommon moth; any rare moth.