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The Zodiac set of moths is unlocked once a player reaches a Flutterpedia Score of Icon§FlutterpediaPoints 500. Zodiac flowers can be obtained by completing missions.

Zodiac Set§Reward
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For hatching and raising every moth of the Zodiac set to adult at least once, you'll be rewarded with the Nottingham Catchfly Decoration
. For perfecting it, you'll get the Deluxe Nottingham Catchfly Decoration
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  • The selling value of the Zodiac's attraction flowers decreased by 30% with Update V. 1.14.
  • The following is a list of moths, and their corresponding zodiac signs: Bad-wing Moth (Libra), Castor Semi-looper Moth (Gemini), Chiron Sphinx (Sagittarius), Enigmatic Rusty Goat Moth (Capricorn), Ghost Moth (Cancer), Green-banded Uranus Moth (Aquarius), Mysterious Emerald Geometer (Pisces), Picture-winged Leaf Moth (Scorpio), Sheep Moth (Aries), Twin-spotted Sphinx (Leo), Venus Ghost Moth (Taurus), and Virgin Tiger Moth (Virgo).